After You Hit Stop

Post recording production is where the magic happens!  We put all of the pieces together so you can proudly let your listeners know a new episode just dropped!  

In Post Recording Production, We Do The Following ….


Editing Raw Audio

  • Raw Audio edit with show assembly up to 60 minutes:          Our editing includes up to 60 minutes of your raw audio.  We don’t just edit for noise reduction and audio quality, we also remove excessive filler words like um, like, and the things that make listeners cringe such as coughs or sniffles.
  • Show Assembly: Insertion of intro, outro, one ad and one stinger placement.


An audiogram is an image that’s converted into a video and layered with other elements on top, such as a waveform and/or transcriptions. We will create one audiogram for you per episode.



Provide us with your interchangeable graphics and we will create one quote graphic and one solo or guest graphic for you to share onto your social media!*


Podcast Copy for SEO

Adding keywords to your podcast title, podcast summarization, show notes so your podcast episode can be found on these interwebs!

*You will have one opportunity to revise the aforementioned deliverables

** Ask us how we can create interchangeable graphics for you from your cover art! 

Once everything is finalized, we upload episode and copy to host site. 

4 – Episode Package