Cover Art & Graphics

Your Cover Art is your podcast BRAND!  WIth Crackers In Soup, we create cover art and graphics that make people WANT to listen to your podcast….and isn’t that the point!

In This Package We Create….


Cover Art

Our graphic designer has a one on one meeting with you to help create a simple and professional cover for your podcast from a set of pre-made template ideas.


Interchangeable Guest Graphic

Get templated guest graphic that pairs beautifully with your new cover art! That even your guest will love to share!


Interchangeable Quote Graphic

Highlight your favorite quote from your episode with a templated quote graphic that pairs beautifully with your new cover art!


Interchangeable Solo Graphic

Showcase your latest episode with a solo graphic with a templated quote graphic that get’s you excited to share your new episode.

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What Our Client’s Tell Us

I am in awe of how amazing these are. I honestly did not know how you were going to pull this off with so many colors and the image you created for the cover, but GIRL!!! You. Did. That. You have captured the essence of the podcast so beautifully. The colors represent the many shades/variation of strong and somehow you managed to make it not look cheesy.

Shirley H.

Listen. we have no words. these are perfect! but that ILLUSTRATION?!?! yowzers.

we are BLOWN AWAY!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Crystal C.

OMG!! Sharoline!!! These are stunning, I’m honestly blown away. Wow!!

Michelle C.