Intro, Outro, Trailer

Intro, Outro, Trailer

Your Intro, Outro, and Trailer not only is the first introduction to your podcast but it sets the whole mood!!!  And what a mood it will set!

In This Package We Use Royalty Free Music:

Intro – Outro

Intro: Also known as a podcast introduction, open, or opening – tells listeners the name of your show, what it’s about, the name of the host(s), and sets the tone for your podcast.

Outro:  Sometimes referred to as a close or closing — is your last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about you or your company, tell them where they can download previous shows, and invite them back for your next show


Podcast trailer is a short piece of audio that gives listeners a sense of your podcast before listening to it. It is used for promotional purposes and it is extremely helpful for making it simple for listeners to become acquainted with your podcast.

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What Our Client’s Tell Us


We LOVE it!!!! It’s perfect!!! Is it weird that I’ve listened to the intro + outro like it’s a doggone album? lol”

Crystal S.

“The trailer is beautiful”

Mildred J Mills