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Yes The Crackers in Soup team edits, create show notes, graphics, etc. but we also  INVEST!  We invest in you! Our clients become like family. We nurture and foster a relationship with you because we care about the success of not only your podcast but YOU! We want to see you thrive in your endeavors.  We are your hype-women!


Your Cover Art is your podcast BRAND!  WIth Crackers In Soup, we create cover art and graphics that make people WANT to listen to your podcast….and isn’t that the point!

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Let's Do Launch

We know how overwhelming and intimidating creating a podcast can be!  That is why Crackers In Soup does everything to help you get ready!

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Intro, Outro, Trailer

Your Intro, Outro, and Trailer not only is the first introduction to your podcast but it sets the whole mood!  What a mood it will set!

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After You Hit Stop

Post recording production is where the magic happens!  We put all of the pieces together so you can proudly let your listeners know a new episode just dropped!

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