VIP Day includes a 4 Hour one on one session with Bethany Hawkins and Sharoline Galva. Where you will have a “virtual” hands-on learning experience on …

  • How to edit in audacity (we answer all your burning questions)
  • How to create templates and podcast graphics 
  • Exclusive access to Crackers in Soup community

Whether you are a beginner to podcast audio editing, or normally hire out but want to make sure you can lean on your newly acquired editing knowledge then, our one on one VIP Day session is for you. We provide as much hands-on or hands-off learning as you need. In this 1 day 4 hour session Bethany will first guide you through the editing process and how to make your podcast truly sound professional all while saving you time. Then Sharoline guides you through the process of creating graphics for your podcast that in combination with your audio will leave you with the feeling that you can take the industry by storm! Sign up today and take advantage of our 50% off Black Friday deal.




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