Stop Procrastinating

create that podcast workshop Replay

Are you Procrastinating?

Why not create that podcast 

While you’re engrossed in your favorite TV show, what will you do when your friend brings up the podcast you mentioned launching in the past?

The answer: realize that you never actually got around to creating it!

Don’t let any more time slip away without having a concrete plan to bring that podcast to life! Join Bethany Hawkins for the Stop Procrastinating and Create That Podcast Workshop!

In this 4-part series, Bethany Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Crackers In Soup, LLC, Podcast Production and Coaching Company, will explore the reasons behind people’s tendency to postpone creating the podcast they’ve been discussing for years. She’ll also emphasize the benefits of podcasting for both personal and professional endeavors! 

Who is Bethany to tell you what to do?

Bethany and her team have been taking the podcast industry by storm. In addition to working on award nominated and award winning podcasts, they have also worked on podcasts that have 3 million listeners and even worked on a podcast that was featured in a Princeton course.  Bethany has been invited on numerous platforms (Libsyn, Podfest, Podthon, Afros & Audio, She Podcast to name a few) to speak about podcasting.  Bethany has coached other women in the podcasting industry and has increased their revenue by a minimum of 50% after working with her.

This workshop replay is for anyone who has been talking about starting a podcast and … it still hasn’t happened! In this series, you will not only learn WHY you procrastinate but how to overcome it. You will also learn How to Launch Your Podcast, The Absolute Things You Need to Create a Podcast and The Power & Potential of Podcasting.

This Replay includes the following webinars.

  • Stop Procrastinating: Create that Podcast 
  • How a Podcast Can Help Your Business 
  • BONUS: How to Be A Great Guest
  • The Absolute Things You Need to Create a Podcast
  • The Power & Potential of Podcasting
  • BONUS: How to Be A Great Host 

***Please note this purchase is nonrefundable.

••• Replay recording access will be available on Friday, June 23rd

Value of $1,000 for just


this webinar includes

This workshop is for anyone who has been talking about starting a podcast and … it still hasn’t happened! In this series, you will not only learn WHY you procrastinate but how to overcome it.

Think you talking about knitting has nothing to do with your architecture company? You are wrong!   In this workshop, you will learn about the very important know, like, and trust factor, and how a podcast can open opportunities up for you to network!

There are some absolute musts you need to have in order to have a podcast.  Learn what those items are so you can get your podcast started!

Your podcast is an extension of YOU! And YOU are powerful! Whether you want to be or not, you are a whole brand and your brand needs to be shared with the world!


When you purchase the bundle you are invited to attend TWO Live bonus workshops!

“How to Be a Great Guest”  – do you wonder how to be called back as a guest? Do you want to know the ways that will make you stand out as one of the best guests the host has ever had!! In this bonus webinar, you will learn how to differentiate yourself from the others so the host will want you to make a second appearance on their show!


“How to Be a Great Host” – are you looking to interview people on your show but you just aren’t sure what how to be a great host?  In this bonus webinar we will talk about different talk shows and the best and not so best interview practices they have so you can implement it in your own podcast!

I’m actually going to watch it again to take more notes becasue you were to the point and gave examples of everything. 

Tiffany R.

Working with Bethany Hawkins and Crackers In Soup has provided the support to keep me on track as I grew my podcast and business. They take you from procrastination to peak performance with every call. What I love most about CIS is their commitment to helping you succeed and their knowledge and genuine care is unparalleled. CIS is my go-to for podcast strategy and support EVERY DAY. 

Nikita B.H.

Hey Bethany! Thanks for the workshop this week. It was right on time

Crystal I.

Thank you for the awesome session!!   

Sara D.