You know what’s really important in a podcast? The trailer! It’s like the movie trailer, but instead of  Idris Elba giving you his smoldering eye, you get somebody sharing the overarching theme of their podcast!

Here are some reasons why trailers are important in a podcast:

  • Introduce the podcast: Trailers provide a brief introduction to the podcast, including the title, the host, and the topic or theme. This helps potential listeners quickly understand what the podcast is about and whether it might be of interest to them.
  • Generate excitement: A good trailer should be engaging and exciting, leaving the listener eager to hear more. By building anticipation and curiosity, a trailer can help generate buzz and attract listeners.
  • Showcase production quality: Trailers are often the first impression that listeners will have of a podcast, and as such, they should showcase the production quality of the show. This can include high-quality audio, polished editing, and professional narration.
  • Establish a tone: Trailers can also help establish the tone of a podcast, whether it’s serious and informative, funny and lighthearted, or something in between. By setting expectations early on, the podcast can avoid any confusion or disappointment among listeners.
  • Encourage subscription and sharing: Finally, trailers can encourage listeners to subscribe to the podcast and share it with others. By including a call-to-action at the end of the trailer, such as “Subscribe now to never miss an episode,” or “Share this trailer with your friends,” the podcast can grow its audience and reach more listeners.

Plus, a good trailer can really set the tone for the show. Click here to listen to a trailer we did for one of our clients.  Her podcast is called My Cotton Patch Moment.  Now, didn’t that trailer make you immediately want to listen to the rest of her podcast?

The trailer is a great way to hook your audience and keep them coming back for more. 

If you are ready for us to create your trailer, contact us for a discovery call. 

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