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Yes we do use each and everyone of these tools (I think we use most of them daily) and that is why we are bringing them to your attention. We ALSO want to bring to your attention that these are each affiliate links! SAY WHAT?? Affiliate links are small compensations we will receive if you purchase from the links provided.  So we aren’t saying you HAVE to use our links, we are just saying we would be so grateful for your support!! With your help, the world is our oyster (cracker!)

Hello AudioA New Way For Course Creators

Record everything from your 5-day challenges to 1:1 coaching sessions!!  Your clients will have the availability to listen to your words while they are walking their dog, driving in their car or running a marathon!  From monthly payments as low as $17.00/month, you can have unlimited episodes, unlimited listeners and an embeddable player for you to put on your website!

HoneyBook – Our CRM Solution

Honeybook is our official cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for our small business! We use Honeybook for all of our client’s projects, proposals, contracts, invoices and even email management. We have been using them since 2019 and we can’t imagine using any other software! 

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Gusto – Payroll Service

Gusto is the go-to for Crackers In Soup in paying my hard-working team! Gusto allows me to pay my employees as well as my contractors in one easy place! They even make sure they take enough out for my payroll taxes which they submit every quarter!

They also say things like “We ❤️ CRACKERS IN SOUP LLC” when you log on!

 YA!!!!  It’s that kind of amazing service that keeps me here forever!!!

Click on our affiliate link and sign up for your first payroll!

Wavve – Audiogram Creation

We like to have different options in creating our Audiograms, but we cannot get enough of Wavve.  From creating custom videos to creating amazing audiograms, we are here for it all!

Click on our affiliate link to sign up for your Wavve experience now

Headliner – Audiogram Creation & More

Headliner is a very popular app to create videos to promote your podcast as well!!!  

Click here and get 2 free weeks to try it out!

Descript- Audio/Video Transcriber

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc.  You can use it for transcription, a screen recorder, and publishing.

Onlypult – Social Media Content Scheduler

So many people have asked us how we schedule our social media content.  The only SMM program we have used since our creation is OnlyPult! Onlypult allows you to schedule a post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTock, LInkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, OK, VK, Tubmlr, WordPress and GMB.  

Ok! Truth! Some of those platforms:  I have no freaking idea what they are!! But Onlypult does!

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Canva – Content & Template Creation 

Create with custom templates and design with a team. Share designs anywhere and get it professionally printed anytime.

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