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Meet Bethany (Sylvester) Hawkins

CEO & Founder

In deriving the name for the business, Bethany thought of her daughter and her love for soup…and crackers.  She would only eat soup with crackers and when asked why, she stated, “Crackers make it better.”  No argument here.

Bethany’s knowledge extends far outside podcast management.  She brings over 20 years of experience in learning how to be organized, people management, administration work, and creative thinking. She works efficiently and is detail oriented.  In her corporate life, she served as a paralegal, Assistant Office Administrator, and Office Administrator and learned databases, template creation, and a slew of additional skills while supervising a staff of 12 and assisting an office of 40. 

Her favorite personality trait about herself: Her ability to visualize and then implement.  She can see what you want for your podcast and then strategize how to make that happen. 

Her favorite part of Crackers In Soup:  “The people we work with begin as clients but then turn into family.  We share our hopes, dreams, successes, and struggles in not only their podcasts but our daily lives.” 

She could not be any prouder of how Crackers In Soup has contributed to the success of so many of our clients.

Our Mission Statement

Crackers In Soup mission is to assist women podcast hosts that need the best “F” word known in the English Language: FREEDOM. We provide them with assistance in the back end of podcasting (or assist them in launching their podcast) so they can focus on using their voice to showcase their expertise.

What We Believe

Crackers in Soup is extremely selective in who we take on as guests, clients and sponsors to ensure our values align.

Crackers in Soup is a team of minority women who love to empower other minorities, women and allies of the minority community.

Crackers in Soup honors Black Lives Matter and supports equality for minorities and the LGBTQIAPK community.

Sharoline Galva

Business Partner, Graphic Designer

Sharoline is literally the image of Crackers In Soup. She can take an idea and masterfully craft a vision that far exceeds expectations.  With her degree in communications for print, a minor in visual performing arts with a concentration in music; she is highly educated in the creation of art. 

With her numerous years of creating logos, websites and graphic content as a freelance worker and for other companies, Sharoline has created a following for herself and her work. With her quiet and caring demeanor, she has the ability to provide solutions for any situations in a logical and methodical manner.  

Her favorite personality trait about herself: Her compassion, ability to work well with others and she is easy-going. 

Her favorite part of Crackers In Soup:  “Our morals and how we only work with people who share those same morals.”

Sharoline is so proud to be a part of helping minorities and women who own businesses through the benefits of podcasting.

Dena Fay

Podcaster, Influencer, Younique Ambassador

” My podcast now has consistent listeners and subscribers, which I never thought would happen in four short episodes. But definitely Crackers in Soup has helped spread the word and really made me look way more professional than I normally am in any setting so I’m super appreciative of all they’ve done. If you get a chance to work with these ladies you really are getting something special.”


OMG, well first of all, {Bethany Hawkins is}  a delightful human being, and we clicked right away personality-wise. The reason I hired {her}, however, was because {she} had clear opinions about improving The RahRah Podcast, and {she} absolutely carried them out in a wonderful way. {She} clearly had the ability and expertise to take the leadership that was needed to make season 2 happen, and {her} genuine love for the podcast and the guests shines through so clearly in how {she} edits, write the notes, and create marketing posts. I couldn’t (and literally wouldn’t) do this without {her}!!! 



Founder & Director, CEO, at The RahRah Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

We  Answered the Who – Now learn the What, Why, When, & How!

What Does your Podcast Managerial team do?

In our case, our podcast managerial team works on the following: Consultations, Post-Recording Production, Intro/Outro Services, Sponsor Sliding Deck, Audiograms, Podcast Website, Facebook/Instagram Ads

Why hire a Podcasting Team?

 Podcasting is more than recording and launching your episode.  There are many behind the scene steps that should be taken if you want your audience to subscribe and listen daily/weekly/monthly.  One person can only do so much before burnout. Our podcasting team not only specializes in the behind the scene tasks so you don’t have to worry about them, we also strategically assist you in organizing your podcast and your content. Long story short:  We give you your life back!

when Can I use my podcast as a source of revenue?

Immediately! Podcasting is one of the best marketing tools for your primary business! However, if you do not know the tools and strategies, it can become a daunting endeavor!

How do I sign up?

Crackers In Soup vets all of our podcasters and hope they vet us as well.  Before we begin working with you, there is an initial discovery call to ensure you are a right fit for our team and we can provide you with the best service possible! Crackers In Soup  is honored to have (and continue to) work with some of the best women podcasters in this business. 

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