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Crackers In Soup loves our clients.  We are braggarts and make no apologies!  Click on the episodes below to listen. Ready to join our roster? Let’s chat with a free 15 min. discovery call.

Things That Keep Us Up At Night

Hosted By Abby Desjardien

Scene: Lying in bed, eyes wide open and brain on loop with all sorts of stories you’re telling yourself. You are up too late, have to get up to early, and don’t get enough sleep. That’s no way to live! I am in a mission to empower women through better sleep. We’ll talk about things from finances to hormones, parenting to politics, relationships, and business. If you want actionable steps to solve the problems that keep you up at night, you’re in the right place!

The Rah Rah Collective Podcast

The Rah Rah Collective Podcast

Hosted By Jen Harrison

A podcast for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to live deeply delicious, super meaningful, and inspired lives while leaving a lasting influence.