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Melanated Conversations

My Cotton Patch Moment

Mildred J Mills

My Cotton Patch Moment is a motivational, comedic podcast that is about listening to your inner voice and knowing when to change directions. It’s about believing that no matter the circumstances we are born into, we are not stuck there. We can determine our destiny if we are willing to work for it.
My name is Mildred J. Mills. I am a writer, motivational speaker, wife, mother, grandma, and the third of seventeen children. I was born and raised on a sixty-acre cotton farm in Wetumpka, Alabama.
Join me on this journey of self-discovery and reflection and hopefully, you will share with me some of your Cotton Patch Moments!
Melanated Conversations

Soul of a Lead(Her)

Ber-Henda Williams

Soul of a Lead(Her) is dedicated to she who lives and works from the soul.

I endeavor with this podcast to dive deep into the soul and psyche of a LeadHer! Her tick, Her call, Her passion, Her yearning, Her understanding of the greater good, not just profit, but purpose. But not just purpose, but passion.
This journey will unfold in both solo episodes as well as discussions with
engaging and inspiring guests who share their experiences on how they found their life purposes and callings. I am Ber-Henda Williams, a Soul Coach for Transformational Feminine Leadership. Welcome to Soul of a Lead(Her)!
Melanated Conversations

85 Percent

Beth Santos

Women make 85% of travel decisions, so why are we not seen in 85% of travel marketing? What is shown to us when it comes to the “traveling woman”? Two narratives: either we’re having a life-changing transformation and devouring pasta OR we’re getting kidnapped and in fear for our lives. It’s never somewhere in between. As the founder of leading women’s travel community, Wanderful, and creator of an incredible series of events, festivals, and activities for women travelers worldwide, I KNOW there is more to women traveling than what — and who —
is represented in the movies or seen on commercials. So, I’m going to talk about it with some of the most phenomenal influencers, CEOs and changemakers in travel and hospitality around the world. Come buckle up and be my audio travel companion. I’m Beth Santos and this is 85 Percent.
Melanated Conversations

Sis Please!

Satta + Jaretta

This podcast is hosted and sponsored by Satta Sarmah Hightower and Jaretta Konneh. When Satta isn’t sharing her life experiences with Jaretta, she works in content marketing and helps technology & financial services companies powerfully convey their message. A storyteller at heart, Satta has a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. When Jaretta isn’t dealing with the craziness of dating apps, she works as a non-profit professional. She has a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Melanated Conversations

Invented Bodies

Jade Duggan

Did you ever think of what the term “body” means? There are so many different variations of bodies: Bodies of work. Bodies of water. Bodies of business. But when one thinks of bodies, we mostly think of our own bodies and the insecurities we have associated with it. That body that you are looking at when you look in the mirror: How did you invent that body? When you are looking at your finances for your business: How did you create that business body? That feeling of assurance that today, you figured it out: How did you find that assured body? Which one are you inhabiting RIGHT NOW or are you inhabiting a few of them?
Jade Connelly-Duggan wants to invite you to explore the world of bodies and the affect they have on us daily. From the history of our modern anatomy to how religions have changed our social bodies, Jade will be discussing it all. Are you ready to explore your body?
Melanated Conversations

Socially Balanced

Kia Young

The business that you see today – the one where I have spaciousness, ease and freedom that harmonizes with my life – is NOT the business I began with. When I started my business it looked more like undercharging, pulling all nighters, and having clients that were not “my people”. Luckily, I had a community of women in my life who opened the gate to their knowledge of business how tos, mindset, overall abundance and so much more. And this podcast is going to do the same for you! Let’s focus on the health, wealth and wellness of your business AND your personal life!
I’m Kia Young – Mom and Classic Introvert who is Tennessee bred and now loving living and working in the city (DC, that is). My friends would say I’m an overall business bad a$$, but really I’m just someone who has learned to bet on herself. I am ready, along with some friends, to share with you how to move beyond business overwhelm and what’s “trending.” I want to show you how to create a sustainable business and be Socially Balanced. Are you ready to learn? Here we go!

Melanated Conversations

It Didn’t Break Me

Bianca Kesha

What’s something you thought would break you but it didn’t? The It Didn’t Break Me podcast answers this question. Each season of, It didn’t break me, is created with the intention of being a safe space for honest and vulnerable conversations with people, who share their transformational life stories around the messy stuff they didn’t think they’d come back from, and yet they are still here, courageously accepting themselves as they are and giving themselves permission to show up as their true self letting their light shine.
Join Bianca Kesha Hughes as she is setting boundaries and breaking barriers in all areas of her life, allowing others to share how they have as well and inspiring you to discover the beauty within the mess.

Melanated Conversations

Latte Money

Asma Alsalameh

You know those podcasts that talk about you saving all of your money by not purchasing that delicious corner coffee shop’s special bean concoction that makes your whole mouth happy? Well, this podcast is NOT THAT!
I am Asma Alsalameh. Mother, daughter, eye doctor, drinker of lattes and founder of Stock Market Stories: a group for women traders of all experience levels to share their trading experiences! Join me as I help you get the cha-ching in your bank accounts while you continue to enjoy life’s pleasures!
Put down the coffee cup and put on your head phones.
We are about to talk money, honey!
Melanated Conversations

The Lurk Lounge

Summer Burnley

The Lurk Lounge is a conversational podcast where we discuss the REAL on all things legal, business, & entrepreneur related. No fluff. No fronting. No BS. We give you the struggle and success of what it’s like to be on this beautiful and mostly crazy entrepreneurial journey.