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Melanated Conversations

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Rae + Crystal Stampley

Rae + Crystal Stampley are talking about families: BLACK FAMILIES!!! In their parenting journey to raise well-rounded, happy children into empowered adults, they have found more and more people find different parenting styles are not only confusing their children, but causing friction in their households.
Listen to each of their episodes as they discuss conscious parenting for the culture and provide intentional actions to build peace within your home without sacrificing yourself or breaking your children’s spirit.

Melanated Conversations

Ordinary Brilliance

Sable Mensah Fullmore and Brooklynn Pham

School systems are failing Black children and dominant discourse has inadequately addressed why failure persists. In addition to that, normalized anti-Black expectations of failure embedded into our school systems have conditioned us to regard Black brilliance as exceptional, rare and by no means ordinary.
Ordinary Brilliance reclaims the brilliance of Black children as common, normal, and simply ordinary. Ordinary Brilliance analyzes celebrated and acclaimed practices and policies in education that have yet to deliver on their promise of equitable outcomes for Black children. We believe that Black children deserve high-quality instruction from teachers that believe in their ordinary, not exceptional, brilliance. Designed to provoke thought, dialogue, and action, this series will help educators across the globe to envision and create Black liberation in our classrooms and schools.
Our goal is to help cultivate a sense of belonging and make listeners feel like they are pioneers in this with us/ are OG members of the Ordinary Brilliance (OB) fam!

Melanated Conversations

You’ve Got Lael

Lael Petersen

You are already awesome. And you are here for more. Hi, I am Lael Petersen, a social worker, life coach and mom. I believe women are uniquely equipped to change the world, we just sometimes forget. My vision is to live in a world where women remember their power, build their skills for change, and work together to create a more just and equitable world for all to thrive. In this podcast, we are going to talk about the common challenges women face when it comes to self-care and living their life with purpose. You will learn practical self-coaching and mindset skills you can use every day. Are you ready? Subscribe and press play now!

Melanated Conversations

The Lurk Lounge

Summer Burnley

The Lurk Lounge is a conversational podcast where we discuss the REAL on all things legal, business, & entrepreneur related. No fluff. No fronting. No BS. We give you the struggle and success of what it’s like to be on this beautiful and mostly crazy entrepreneurial journey.

Melanated Conversations

Melanated Conversations

Terrian Jones & Yana Reynolds

Celebrating our Melanated Magic through storytelling and candid conversations. Melanated Conversations was created out of the desire for a sisterly community that fosters positive and authentic expression of our voices on various topics that we experience daily.

Every Monday we amplify the voices and stories of black women and share our narrative of personal and professional transformation. We build community and culture through honest dialogue, share our lessons, and celebrate our successes.

This is Our Narrative, from Our Perspective.

Things That Keep Us Up At Night

Hosted By Abby Desjardien

Scene: Lying in bed, eyes wide open and brain on loop with all sorts of stories you’re telling yourself. You are up too late, have to get up to early, and don’t get enough sleep. That’s no way to live! I am in a mission to empower women through better sleep. We’ll talk about things from finances to hormones, parenting to politics, relationships, and business. If you want actionable steps to solve the problems that keep you up at night, you’re in the right place!