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Yes, The Crackers in Soup team edits, create show notes, graphics, etc. but we also INVEST! We invest in you! Our clients become like family. We nurture and foster a relationship with you because we care about the success of not only your podcast but YOU! We want to see you thrive in your endeavors. We are your hype-women!


We’re Not Your Average Done For You Podcast Management Company

Podcasting can be a complex process, involving numerous tasks such as content creation, recording, editing, writing show notes, scheduling, and social media promotion. However, with the assistance of Crackers In Soup, all of these back-end tasks, and even more, will be taken care of for you.

With our services, you can finally focus on growing your podcast and business, without the stress of managing the entire production process. From having your social media images ready for you to promote to scheduling your episode to publish, we have you covered.

Gone are the days of constantly running around to meet deadlines. Instead, you can now utilize your time for other important tasks, such as recording more episodes, boosting sales, or indulging in some leisure reading.

We Customize

We don’t use white label companies like others do. We carefully customize all parts of your podcast from audio editing to cover art to fit you!


Attention To Detail

We pay attention to the small stuff. From strategy, audio , to visuals we know how much the details matter.


We Listen to You

Your podcast is not going to be a cookie cutter version of a podcast that doesn’t align with you. Your podcast is going to have your people excited because they know, like and trust you.  We can only get your podcast to sound like you if we listen to you.

What We Do For You

Launch Package

There are many moving parts to podcasting!  That is why Crackers In Soup does everything to create a solid foundation to get your podcast ready to launch!

Coaching & Consulting

If you’re a podcasting business or podcast host that needs guidance, look no further than our coaching & consultation services.

Intro • Outro • Trailer Package

Make your podcast sound phenomenal with a customized intro, outro, and trailer that will excite your listeners.

Graphics Package

A podcast cover customized to you and your vision along with 21-promotional interchangeable graphic templates for you to use on your podcast episodes.

Podcast Auditing

Discover our one-of-a-kind Podcast Auditing Service! We provide you with an in-depth audit and a strategic action plan, designed to elevate your podcast to new heights.

Ofrecemos Servicios en Español

¡Estamos ofreciendo un paquete especial para nuestros clientes que hablan español! Contáctanos y te contaremos sobre nuestros servicios en portada, gráficos, intros, outros, y tráilers.

    Intro • Outro • Tráiler

    Haz que tu podcast suene fenomenal con una intro, un outro y un tráiler personalizados que emocionarán a tus oyentes.


    Paquete de Gráficos

    Una portada de podcast personalizada para ti y tu visión junto con 21 plantillas gráficas intercambiables promocionales para que las uses en tus episodios de podcast.

    Companies We’ve Worked With:

    What Our Clients Say About Us…

    “Working with Crackers In Soup is more fun than I could have imagined podcasting to be- they do everything “soup to… well I guess crackers in this case!” Every meeting was like a visit with our hilarious long lost friends- I love seeing Bethany on my calendar- I know it’s going to be a good day- regardless of what else is going on in the world her infectious lightheartedness makes it more bearable. All I had to do was think of guests and show up to talk!  They did show notes, run of show, marketing materials and setup with the podcast hosting stations.

    Oh- and did I mention proactive? Like before I could ask a question it was already answered (and probably waiting in my portal lol!!).
    Seriously.  We (my Assistant Missy who also really loves the team at CIS and I) can’t wait to restart our next season!
    (Did I mention how affordable for the level of meticulous they are? Ok, I could go on for days.  You get the gist.  Hire them!!!)
    Jade D,

    Host to Invented Bodies

    Just want to give a shoutout to Bethany Hawkins for the most coziest support for the nonprofit’s new podcast! Working with Bethany and her team was such a smooth process (any “bumps” along the way came from our side ). She went above and beyond for us, even adjusting the timeline to align with our largest campaign of the year. I felt like she was in our corner from beginning to end and we launched our podcast in 5 weeks – which is RIDICULOUSLY fast.

    I’d recommend her 1000 times over and wish you nothing but success and rest, Friend. Thank you for taking such care with us.

    Kia Young

    Co-host to The Savings Advocate

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