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Podcasting Services

Yes The Crackers in Soup team edits, create show notes, graphics, etc. but we also  INVEST!  We invest in you! Our clients become like family. We nurture and foster a relationship with you because we care about the success of not only your podcast but YOU! We want to see you thrive in your endeavors.  We are your hype-women!


Your Podcast Is Your Marketing Billboard!

The U.S. Small Business Association recommends spending around 8% of your gross total company revenue on marketing and advertising?  If your business makes $50,000 annually, you should be spending no less than $8,000.00/year on marketing!  With us, you can have 24 – Podcast episodes completed and uploaded for less than that cost! 


  • It tells who you are!
  • It speaks about your business!
  • It has the ability to reach potential clients around the world! 

Invest in your Business! Invest in your Podcast! Invest in Yourself!

Your Listeners Got Money, Honey! Let them know what you have to sell!

Per podcasthosting.org,

  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans.
  • 41% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75K
  • 51% are employed full time!!!! 


What Our Clients Say About Us…

“Bethany and Sharoline helped me turn my podcast from an idea into a reality. I had planned on doing everything myself for the first several months but things quickly got out of hand, and I realized that I had no idea what I was doing beyond recording the actual podcast. I met with Bethany and she offered several different options to help. I hired her on the spot. Sharonline created beautiful cover art and Bethany has done an amazing job editing, creating show notes, and making sure all of the details of the podcast are handled. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!” 

Abby DesJardien

Sleep Evangelist, Educator, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and Recovering Insomniac.

Post Recording Production Services

If you ever went to YouTube to try to figure out how to make your episode sound as good as possible but 4-hours later, you are frustrated, annoyed and an entire bottle of wine is gone, YOU NEED US! You did your best and we are so glad that you experienced the post recording process but your TIME, ENERGY AND MENTAL HEALTH is worth so much more than what we are charging! We do the steps you either can’t or just flat out don’t want to do…. And we LOVE YOU for that! 

You focus on your genius so we can focus on ours! 

Audio Editing (Raw Audio)
  • We match you and your guests’ audio to make sure the conversation is lined up correctly.
  • Editing – We edit to make the conversation flow and to make sure everyone sounds like an expert! That may mean there are some ums, or likes left in the conversation but that is perfect.  This allows your listeners to believe you are speaking to them and not at them.

What We Remove


  • Excessive ums and likes, sniffles/sneezes, mouth ticks, sucking of teeth, etc.  Anything that would make your listener shiver with disdain.  
  • Sound Equalization
  • Noise Reduction
Copy For Your Podcast
  • Title
  • Show Notes (including guest links, links to your primary business website, links to your social media)
  • Summary that makes your listeners want to dive into your episode
  • Transcription of your episode

One quote graphic per episode for you to share on your social media (customized to your Podcast colors and images).

Audio Meets Graphics

An audiogram for each episode with sound clip, moving waveforms, and captions (if desired) that are perfect for promoting your episodes and podcast on Facebook or Instagram!

Post Recording Production Packages Deals

Includes Everything Above!

4 Episodes 

Post-Recording  Package

  • Includes 60 minute – 1:1 Strategy Meeting
  • Sponsor Sliding Deck for your Podcast



8 Episodes

Post-Recording Package

  • Includes 60 minutes – 1:1 Strategy Meeting
  • Sponsor Sliding Deck for your Podcast



12 -Episodes

Post-Recording Package

Season Package)

  • Includes 2 – 60 minute – 1:1 Strategies Meeting
  • Sponsor Sliding Deck for your Podcast
  • Your podcast featured on our website roster



Post-Recording Package

Season Package)

  • Includes 2 – 60 minute – 1:1 Strategies Meeting

  • Sponsor Sliding Deck for your Podcast

  • Your podcast featured on our website roster


Podcast Consultation Service

Looking for direction with all things podcast related?

We can help Guide You with

  • Ideas regarding your podcast?
  • Reviewing your podcast for content, clarity, and sound quality
  • Explaining ways to monetize your podcast using your primary business and local sponsors
  • Providing honest feedback


Podcast Website Service

Let us create a 4-page website so your listeners know where to find you!

What Does Your Website Entail:

  • A customized LOGO that you can put on everything!
  • An opt in pop up so your website visitors can put themselves on your email list
  • About You page
  • Guest Features
  • Show Notes
  • Sponsor Information
  • Shopping page for merchandise


 (**Client is responsible for the purchase of the domain name and website hosting fees)

Ala Carte Services

 Only need assistance in one area? Check out the below services:  

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads (Ad spend not included) – $2,000 /month 
  • Podcast Service for ONE episode – $400.00
  • Intro/Outro Service – $350.00
  • Title, Show Notes, Transcription, 1- Quote (w/o graphic) – $175
  • Audiogram & 1-Quote (w/ graphic) – $125
  • Podcast Sponsor Sliding Deck – $100




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