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What We Do For You

  • Before each session, based upon your questionnaire and our initial meeting, I will have done preliminary research on what you want to discuss so I can come into the meeting already with a plan in place. No minute is wasted.
  • After our 60-minute session, within 48 business hours, you will receive a copy of the recorded session as well as the transcript of the conversation.
  • After the meeting, you will have 2 weeks of Voxer access Monday – Thursday if any questions may arise!
Don’t just take our word for it

Bethany Hawkins of Crackers in Soup is one fantastic lady. When she and I met recently for a podcast consultation, Bethany was knowledgeable, informative, caring, and outrageously funny. She arrived early to our one-hour session well-prepared with answers to all questions and information we had agreed to cover. Bethany was well-versed in technology, equipment, and the podcast market. I recommend and trust her to effectively provide podcast assistance to anyone who needs it, whether for setup assistance or management. I foresee Bethany providing me with additional services in the future.⁣” 

-Mildred J Mills – MilMil Creations, Inc

“Where have you been all my life” were the exact words that I used during my first call with Bethany of Crackers In Soup. As a marketer, I’ve always focused on the value of podcasting, without giving much thought to the actual experience. Bethany translated her years of experience into information and tips, which gave me a new perspective and insight into her world of podcasting. It’s great to have a new referral partner who knows their space and will provide the same level of service and attention to the clients that you send their way.

-Dawn Foster, DFoster Marketing

This season would still be sitting in Dropbox if it wasn’t for you! I love how you captured my voice in the show notes, how the audio sounds, and how [Sharoline Galva] created the guest graphics in my color [scheme].”

“I felt lost before talking to Bethany. I wasn’t sure what my next steps would for the 3rd season of my podcast or if I even wanted to do another season. After my consultation, I felt a weight lifted. I didn’t have to do it all.  Bethany gave me some clear cut advice, told me the things I was doing well, which was encouraging; as well as the things I need to improve upon. She addressed all my worries and concerns.  I’m now looking forward to working on my podcast and working with Crackers in Soup! Thank you Bethany!!!

-Michelle P. – Host of PR Girl Rant

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Group Coaching

Are you a podcast business owner that is not making what you need monthly to live?

Do you love your podcasting business but you are overwhelmed by all of the things?

Are you offering services that you don’t adore?

Do you have the desire to meet dope-ass women like yourself?
 If you said yes, JOIN OUR 5-weeks incubator program.

In This Program, You Will:

  • Receive weekly homework assignments 
  • Have one hour weekly sessions with myself and your co-horts
  • Have (2) 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me to discuss your service packages and any other questions you may have
  • Monday – Thursday Voxer support so you can celebrate your wins with the other cohort members 

Spots are limited to 7 people per cohort to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to be heard and seen

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What Our Clients Tell Us

All Coaching Clients have

Increased Revenue By 50% 

“I believe this [referring to accolades from a client singing Nicole’s podcast coaching praises] is a direct result of the changes I implemented to my program from being a member of your incubator.”

-Nicole Walker


These are the words that come to mind as I reflect on my time in the CIS incubator. Bethany is a true wealth of knowledge with an unmatched passion to see folks (particular Women of Color) succeed. Her weekly assignments were manageable, sometimes left me pouting because it called me in on my BS and always elicited a new insight that I never even knew or considered. I could go on and on raving about the incubator but what I realize that I am most grateful for is that Bethany saw me (and everyone in the incubator) as WHOLE PEOPLE. We were just producers or managers, we were people with a passion FIRST. Mindset was just as important as business growth. She constantly and consistently called on us to check in with ourselves, celebrate ourselves and others, and give ourselves space to be. If you are looking for a space to grow so that your business can grow and looking for a leader that truly lives what she teaches, I would recommend Bethany Hawkins and the Crackers In Soup Incubator again and again.”

-Nikita Burks-Hale

“I’ve been a part of Bethany Hawkin’s new incubator program for just about 3 weeks. I’m so thrilled that I joined! The incubator really gets you thinking about your packages, your mindset, your clients, and everything else she’s got up her sleeve!”

-Kim Parkinson

“Since participating in the incubator, my business has grown tremendously. I had my first $6k month a couple of months after the incubator ended. I have built better systems and processes, including investing in someone creating workflows in my CRM to streamline my client process. I have reached my capacity with monthly management clients and am now shifting my business model to focus on launches, VIP Days, and strategy sessions for 2023. Most importantly, my mindset has changed for the better since participating in the incubator program. I no longer fret when someone balks at my prices (I am increasing my prices for the new year, and I feel great about it). I have greatly expanded my network and have generated new leads, mostly through referrals and now my podcast. I also have an intern now, which is so wild to me but feels amazing. Overall, I am so glad I invested in the incubator. I learned so much and now confidently walk in my CEO mindset.”  

-Andria Singletary Host of Mama Turned Mompreneur Podcast and Mama Turned Mompreneur Podcast Production Founder.