Let’s Do Launch

Let Us Launch You

We know how overwhelming and intimidating creating a podcast can be!  That is why Crackers In Soup does everything to help you get ready!

In This Package We Provide…


Marketing Strategy

Understanding how to market your podcast is essential to it’s growth. You get to meet up with our elite strategy team to come up with a great marketing plan.


RSS Feed Distrabution

We distribute your RSS feed to the following media players.

  • Apple Podcast
  • Google Podcast
  • Castbox
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud 
  • Stitcher

Customized Graphics

Get templated graphics that make sharing new episodes a breeze! You get a solo, guest, and quote graphic that pairs beautifully with your new cover art!


Intro ,Outro, Cover Art

  • Intro:  Also known as a podcast introduction, open, or opening – tells listeners the name of your show, what it’s about, the name of the host(s), and sets the tone for your podcast.
  • Outro: A podcast outro — sometimes referred to as a close or closing — is your last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about you or your company, tell them where they can download previous shows, and invite them back for your next show
  • Cover Art: Our graphic designer has a one on one meeting with you to help create a simple and professional cover for your podcast from a set of pre-made template ideas.

Copy & Pre Launch Graphics

Your Copy includes, Your podcast title, description and show notes.


4 Episode Post Recording Package


  • Editing Raw Audio:

    Within the package includes: Noise Reduction, Audio Equalization, Dynamic Balancing
  • Our editing includes up to 60 minutes of RAW audio. Anything over 60 minutes will accrue an additional fee.

Episode & Show Note Uploads

We take care of uploading your show notes to your podcast hosting platform each time a new episode airs. 

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What Our Clients Tell Us

“Thank you for helping me make this dream a reality!!! My grandfather would be soooo proud!”.

Summer B.

“Thank you. It feels so good. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help and support.  Appreciate you!”

Lael P.

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Do you have the stories and the voice and the energy, but are paralyzed with where to go from there? How long should it be? How do you get listeners? Do you need a professional mic? Wait – what the heck is an “outro”?

Get yourself on a call with Bethany Hawkins from Crackers In Soup!

Bethany knows podcasts and she not only has the expertise to guide you through each and every step of getting started and staying going, (which as she’ll tell you, is the REAL TRICK) but also the enthusiasm and creativity to spark whatever little idea you have and turn it into something BIG! 

Bethany is a cheerleader but also a straight talker – you’ll know where you stand when you talk with her and how viable your idea is, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, how your idea can be utilized to market you and your work!

Yes, you can produce your own podcast. You can also change your own car’s oil and churn your own butter. But we have better things to do! Let Bethany and her team guide you to greatness with your podcast.

Kimberly S.

This season would still be sitting in Dropbox if it wasn’t for you! I love how you captured my voice in the show notes, how the audio sounds, and how [Sharoline Galva]created the guest graphics in my color [scheme].”

“I felt lost before talking to Bethany. I wasn’t  sure what my next steps would for the 3rd season of my podcast or if I even wanted to do another season. After my consultation, I felt a weight lifted. I didn’t have to do it all.  Bethany gave me some clear cut advice, told me the things I was doing well, which was encouraging; as well as the things I need to improve upon. She addressed all my worries and concerns.  I’m now looking forward to working on my podcast and working with Crackers in Soup! Thank you Bethany!!!
Michelle P