Let’s Do Launch

Let Us Launch You

We know how overwhelming and intimidating creating a podcast can be!  That is why Crackers In Soup does everything to help you get ready!

In This Package We Provide…


  • Goal of your podcast and what success means to you
  • Microphones, set up, and how to get the best audio for you and your guests
  • Graphic Designer in regards to cover art design
  • Contractor and/or designated team member for RSS feed distribution
  • Contractor and/or designated team member for pre-launch strategy

4 Episode Audio Editing

  • Raw Audio Edit With Show Assembly Up To 60 Minutes: Our editing includes up to 60 minutes of your raw audio.  We don’t just edit for noise reduction and audio quality, we also remove excessive filler words like um, like, and the things that make listeners cringe such as coughs or sniffles. Our editing also includes Show Assembly – insertion of intro, outro, one ad, and one stinger placement.

    Intro • Outro • Trailer

    • Intro:  Also known as a podcast introduction, open, or opening – tells listeners the name of your show, what it’s about, the name of the host(s), and sets the tone for your podcast.
    • Outro: A podcast outro — sometimes referred to as a close or closing — is your last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about you or your company, tell them where they can download previous shows, and invite them back for your next show
    • Trailer: A podcast trailer is a short piece of audio that gives listeners a sense of your podcast before listening to it. It is used for promotional purposes and it is extremely helpful for making it simple for listeners to become acquainted with your podcast

    Customized Cover Art & Graphics

    • Graphics: Get templated customized graphics that make sharing new episodes a breeze! You get a solo, guest, and quote graphic that pairs beautifully with your new customized cover art!


    • Can’t find the words to describe your podcast or your episodes? We take the pressure away by writing your podcast title, show notes and podcast description for you. 
    • We also insert SEO keywords to help your podcast be seen when people are searching the world wide web!

    RSS Feed Distrabution

    Do you know how your podcast gets on those listening platforms? WE DO! We distribute your RSS feed to the following media players:

    • Apple Podcast
    • Google Podcast
    • Castbox
    • Spotify
    • Amazon Music
    • Stitcher
    Starting at


    “What Our Clients Have to Say About Us”

    “I love working with people who are knowledgeable in the service that they provide, are proactive, and provide great thought solutions. This is something I consistently experience in working with the team at Crackers in Soup. I always say you have to find your tribe in every single area of your life, you have to have people who get you. Crackers in soup are my tribe.⁣” 

    Bianca H - Host of It Didn't Break Me

    I need a special level of care and understanding of my vision. I needed producers and not just a place to record. I wanted something soulful and nurturing. I found it with Crackers In Soup.”

    Ber-Henda Williams - Host of Soul of a Lead(Her)

    “From the very first meeting with Bethany, I was confident that my podcast was in great hands. Not only did she understand my vision and my goals, but she believed in them. Crackers in Soup continually made sure that every expectation was met – from the creation of my intro and outro, to the artwork, and the editing and production of every episode. I’m so grateful for their direction and guidance while navigating this industry.”

    Summer B. - Host of The Lurk Lounge

    “If you are looking for a powerhouse team to help you launch or manage your podcast, then look no further than Crackers In Soup! This team took an inkling of an idea I had and turned it into MAGIC! Before CIS, launching seemed terrifying. I didn’t know where to start and almost gave up. Then I found CIS and everything changed. From the very first meeting, I felt taken care of and seen. The vision I had for my podcast materialized into a reality I didn’t think was possible, which shows a real talent for knowing how to translate a client’s idea into a tangible work of art. I can’t recommend CIS enough. Don’t wait another minute – book that discovery call today!”

    Megan T. - Host of The Joyful Toolkit